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EMDR is an evidence-based therapy originally developed for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but since found to be very effective in treating several other mental health challenges and symptoms in adults, young people and children. This video from Psych Hub Education explains it well:

What can EMDR help me with?

EMDR can help with issues involving the past, present, and future by:

-      Soothing current symptoms

-      Lessening the distressing emotions tied to painful memories

-      Improving self-esteem

-      Relieving physical symptoms

-      Resolving current triggers and planning for the future

What can I expect from an EMDR therapy session?

In our sessions together we will resolve traumatic or disturbing memories through a process involving the creation of a safe space for you to recall the experience, while also focusing the attention on moving visual/auditory and/or tactile stimulation. This simply means we will use the senses to shift your attention from side-to-side, maybe by watching something move, listening to alternating beeps, or using touch on either hand. The theory behind this is that it helps the brain to process or ‘file away’ the memory using it’s own natural healing process, by mimicking the way your eyes move side to side while in REM sleep.

For more information on what to expect from an EMDR session, or how you could book a session please do contact me.

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